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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia - Shin Tae Yong is facing the harsh reality that the Indonesian national team cannot be reinforced by the best players according to the South Korean coach when appearing in the AFF Cup 2020 (2021) in December.An outdated formula when the AFF Cup takes place, is again applied by PSSI. Shin is only allowed to choose a maximum of two players per club for the biannual Southeast Asian championship. Shin's freedom is limited by the federation.PSSI's policy of only allowing the Indonesian national team coach to call two players per club took effect in the 2016 edition. At that time the Indonesian national team was handled by Alfred Riedl and surprisingly reached the final round.

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Dewa United FC goalkeeper M. Natshir Fadhil Mahbuby (left) tries to grab the ball from PSM Makassar player Ricky Pratama during the 10th week of BRI Liga 1 2022/2023 between Dewa United FC and PSM Makassar at Indomilk Arena Stadium, Tangerang, Thursday (15/9).

With this training pattern, continued Bernardo, he also wants to evaluate the results of the training program he entrusted to the players during the holiday period. Hopefully, all PSM Makassar players do well with the program given.

PSM Makassar's young striker, Ricky Pratama, while playing in the AFC Cup 2022 Group phase. Ricky is a graduate of the PSM Makassar Academy who was promoted to the first team this season. ( Permana)Despite having a tough job restoring the team's level of play, the Portuguese passport coach admitted that he was happy. The team finally gathered and got the news that the League 1 2022/2023 was held again soon.

The plan, PSM Makassar will compete against Barito Putera on November 18. This is the sixth week postponement match. Then there is the PSIS Semarang match against Bhayangkara FC and Persib Bandung against Persija Jakarta.

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Among the dozens of names of these coaches, the Indonesian national team has had five coaches from the Netherlands. The Dutch coaches have a qualified record as world-class players. Some of them also have flashy achievements when working as a coach. Unmitigated, there is an Indonesian national team coach who has won the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League). Unfortunately, farewell became the final way after failing to achieve the targets imposed on the coach and the friction that occurred with the Indonesian Football Federation, PSSI.

When interviewed by Tempo magazine about the weaknesses of Indonesian football, Coever criticized PSSI for being incompetent in developing early age players. "The weakness lies with the administrators. They don't realize what to give the teenagers," Coerver was quoted as saying in Tempo magazine, 25 August 2008. "There are coaches who train well and wholeheartedly, but the PSSI board does not know how to develop the children's abilities because they have never been coaches." After returning from Indonesia, Wiel Coerver successfully established a soccer school known for the Coerver Coaching Technique method. The former Roda JC (Netherlands) coach died on April 22, 2011 at the age of 86. Frans van Balkom Coach born in Kerkrade, October 23, 1939 was recorded as the coach of the Indonesian national team in the 1980 season. Frans van Balkom was contracted for one season. The Dutch national coach was brought in by PSSI from the Galatama contestant club, NIAC Mitra. After signing the contract in early February 1980, Balkom immediately formed the Indonesian national team squad to take part in the 1980 Pre-Olympics. According to a report in the June 21, 1980 edition of Tempo magazine, Balkom's togetherness with the Indonesian national team did not last long. PSSI immediately terminated his contract in early June 1980 because he was considered to be rude to the PSSI general secretary.

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