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Queen - We Are the Champions

"Cha cha cha cha" is an unofficial song by the Colombian group Chocquibtown. It does not belong to any of their albums, but it is well known to fans of striker Jackson Martinez. It is titled in honor of the player's nickname, 'Cha cha cha cha' Martínez. The song pays tribute to the athlete who is, like the members of the musical group, from the department of Chocó.

As mentioned above, the Argentine barras are famous for adapting famous songs and turning them into stadium chants by changing the lyrics. On this occasion, it is the Boca Juniors fans, who took this song from the Argentine group La Mosca Tse-Tse for its festive rhythm so similar to other barras bravas' songs. The lyrics of this song do not undergo major changes in the soccer version because it seems to be written for that purpose, although it was not, because the lyrics are more about love than anything else.

Buffalo Bills' song: "Shout!

Lewandowski's gunpowder set in motion the festival of a Barcelona that, a week before kickoff, confirmed many of the good things hinted at during the preseason and discovered some new ones, such as the Lewandowski-Pedri connection. One of the best players in the world and one of the best strikers in the world. They have found each other and that can be devastating. For their part, Raphinha and Dembélé reaffirmed their state of grace. They came in like arrows down the flanks, while Pedri gave meaning to what Xavi wants from the interiors: that they reach the space vertically.

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Not even three minutes had passed when Lewandowski, who had been a goal-getter during the preseason tour, finally scored his first goal for Barça. And it was a goal. Dembélé and Raphinha, wingers on the right and left respectively, had already looked for the striker in a clear statement of intent from Barça, but it was Pedri who found the Pole. A magnificent through ball from the Canary Islander, the striker overcame the goalkeeper with a touch and, with no angle after losing his verticality, he stopped and with his right foot shot a tight shot to the opposite post. A great goal that made the Spotify Camp Nou go crazy.

DUKI - Malbec x Bizarrap

-Obviously. Like when I found out that Andrés Suárez wanted to collaborate with me and develop things from my project, it was also a pressure for me. He even took me with him to the Capitol Room. But I'm super grateful to read those headlines, like on a cloud. Before, nobody expected anything from me, and now I have to live up to it.

-Were you prepared to manage success at the label? -You talk about it, but from a quiet point of view. On a musical level it is much more difficult than for an actor to become so well known from one day to the next, to have a Rosalía effect. It can happen, of course, and you prepare for it. When you go out you don't think you're going to do this, but you're preparing yourself. Now my song Todo contigo has entered Cadena Dial, and you can feel it. It has 3.5 million plays on Spotify. But today, if they suddenly started stopping me on the street, I'd think I was wearing something on my forehead, ha ha!

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"It's a pity that it can't be a full stadium because of the pandemic. It's a bit of everything: a long time without winning something, a long time without being able to go to the stadium, a long time without seeing the national's a spectacular moment for us. We are looking forward to enjoying it. We don't have much information about the party. The first thing we have to think about is winning the three points. We don't have to deviate from our focus".The union of the squad

"We have a spectacular group, which has been getting stronger. Before we also had it in 2014, 2015, 2016, we were friends, we all enjoyed it. At that time we reached the finals being a spectacular group, but when you win you see everything in a different way. Unfortunately, they only focus on whether you win or lose". "We had a very strong group, we went through many difficulties and we didn't care about anything. The group had a very clear objective and we didn't get out of it. We knew how to play the matches, sometimes better and sometimes worse. In these short tournaments you have to get results and not concede goals. As time goes by, the game will surely flow and continue to grow, because when you win you free yourself". This is a turning point: we have to take advantage of the momentum to finish growing as a team and in the game".The importance of Scaloni

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